The Flaw - How Do you know the Client is telling the Truth?

My answer - It doesn't matter!

Ok so I get that this isn’t meant to be a particularly serious article.

But of course, it got me thinking (what doesn’t)

He clearly has had therapy and says he found/finds it really helpful. Great.

But if any of what he has light-heartedly written here is true then he clearly doesn’t ‘get’ therapy.

To save you the read he says that it’s great to talk all about yourself, it’s really helpful, but how does the therapist know you’re telling the truth?

My answer is, I don’t care!

He jokingly suggests that you invite all the players in all the stories you’ve been telling your therapist and together come up with one ‘truth’ out of all your individual ‘true stories’

I seriously could not care less’!

I talk about so many things with clients, some of it fascinating, some of it light-hearted, some of it harrowing, some of it repetitive.

It’s important to talk about it all, but that’s not the point of therapy.

The whole point is to have that time and space to be set aside for just you. Whether you use that time to lie, dig deep into your past, plan for the future, analyse your present, I don’t mind, whatever you want.

The point of therapy is that you are there as a person who is worth getting to know.

You are a person worthy of having time spent focussing on just you and your thoughts and feelings. Whether other people in your life agree with or corroborate those thoughts and feelings, doesn’t matter, this is about you and only you.

I don’t care if you lie to me, tell me truths you’ve never told anyone, or just chat about what you watched on TV last night.

Actually, more accurately I do care very much. I care about it all. I care about you, spending time with you, getting to know you.

Lie to me if you want, I’m interested. Bore me if you want, I’m interested. Share vulnerable thoughts and feelings with me, I’m interested.

Therapy may have many flaws, but this certainly isn’t one of them, and if you turn up wanting to spend time with me and getting to know yourself, there isn’t much that needs fixing either.